What Kind Of Awesome Foods Await You In Thailand?

What Kind Of Awesome Foods Await You In Thailand?

19 August 2015

South East Asia is famed for its incredible food - the aromas, the tastes….and sometimes yes the downright weird!

And Thailand will no doubt introduce you to some awesome foods, that you’ve never encountered before .
So after much editing, salivating and food envy our team have compiled some of their favourite Thai foods…consider it our personal menu for your Thailand adventure…

Massaman Curry

One of our favourite dishes and more traditional to the southern parts of Thailand this peanut and coconut based curry some complete with heart veg and is usually a beef or pork based curry.
We’re sure you’ll be hooked from the first mouthful!

Pad Thai

A staple of travellers all over Thailand - you can never get enough Pad Thai. Think of it as the Thai version of fish and chips, its a very traditional and staple dish!
Made up of fried noodles and your choice of meat or fish you’ll find it all over the country and the price of a Pad Thai is the perfect way to benchmark how expensive a restaurant is!


Yup no Thai food list would be complete without mentioning some of the crazier things available to snack on in Thailand!
Bustling tourism spots like the infamous Khao San Road are filled with vendors selling live meal worms, deep fried crickets and even scorpions. Some describe them tasting like smokey bacon crisps…but we’ll let you decide!

Khao Phat

Essentially fried rice this dish varies depending on your persona taste and where you are in the country. Mix it up with any meat you fancy or just keep it simple with a veggie fried rice.

Street Food

Ok so we’re cheating slightly with this addition to the list but the bottom line on dining in Thailand is street food is your best option! Not only is it the most budget way to dine it’s also where you’ll encounter the most authentic and traditional Thai foods.

Whether your in a random alley way in Chang Mai, at a market in Bangkok or on the beach on Koh Phi Phi the street food vendors are the best tasting and best dining experience you’ll have in Thailand - and that you can hold us to!


Have you visited Thailand? What dish got your tastebuds watering? Our Thailand tours will get you experience all of these amazing foods!

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