Do you have some free days up your sleeve during your stop over in one of South East Asia's busiest and iconic cities? We have a number of different half day and day trips for you to explore the real side of Bangkok! Do some bike riding around Bangkok, see the famous floating markets, or explore the nearby citiy of Ayutthaya and marvel at some of the oldest temples in Thailand! Grab a Tuk Tuk discovery, or try some of the unique food taste of Thailand!

Floating Markets

The floating markets are a must see while visiting Bangkok. Head off on a longtailed speedboat and see an old traditional way of selling and buying produce. See for yourself traditional Thai houses an...

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See one of the most beautiful and historical cities around, Ayutthaya (The Ancient City). The city is full of history-rich temple ruins and summer palaces. Be immersed in the local culture....

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Try and imagine Bangkok without the tuk tuks? It's just not the same is it? Join this Bangkok tour which uses tuk tuks to see some of the city's best bits. 

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Do your bit to relieve traffic congestion in Thailand's capital by joining this Bangkok tour that trades in the bus for the bicycle. Cycle through Bangkok's back-streets, along canals, past temples an...

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Had enough Pad Thai to last a lifetime? Join this Bangkok tour to experience the Chinese food, culture and architecture of the Chinatown area. Be amazed by the market scene and try foods you've never...

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