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Tuk Tuk Experience tour

Try and imagine Bangkok without the tuk tuks? It's just not the same is it? Join this Bangkok tour which uses tuk tuks to see some of the city's best bits. 

  • Navigate the city in an iconic tuk-tuk
  • Marvel at the Phra Sumeru Fortress
  • Ward off bad luck at the Amulet Market
  • Encounter Buddhist heritage at Wat Po
  • Experience the colours and flavours of Little India
  • Snap up a market bargain at Woeng Nakorn Kasem
  • Climb to the top of the Golden Mount

There is probably nothing quite as iconic in Asia as the beloved tuk tuk. Picture the streets of any city or town in this part of the world and they would be empty without at least a dozen of these awesome little buggies. A ride on a tuk tuk is undoubtedly one of the best things to do in Bangkok, and completely necessary to make you feel like a local. Avoid the tuk tuk tour scams that permeate the city and join our authentic local experience instead. To really get to know Bangkok culture and daily life in Thailand, you need to get yourself this ultimate tuk tuk experience, the Bangkok day tour with a twist! You’ll dig right into this Bangkok tuk tuk tour by riding one from the very start. Your local guide will ride along with you and you’ll whizz through the busy streets of Bangkok, stopping at the marvellous Phra Sumeru Fortress and jaunting past Thammasart University, where you’ll learn a bit about the history behind this area.


Next stop on the tuk tuk ride is the Amulet Market, where locals sell all kinds of traditional Thai amulets, charms, and medicines. Your local guide will explain the significance of all these mysterious items and what part they play in Thai culture. Knick-knacks and spooky bits and bobs have all kinds of different meanings in Thailand, from good luck to warding off evil. Onwards on your tuk tuk you’ll go, towards Wat Po, the temple that is the centre of the Buddhist religion in Thailand and the birthplace of Thai massage and medicines. Your local guide will take you on a tour of the area, and let you know the local stories about one of the most fascinating parts of Bangkok. This temple is one of those places that should not be missed when you travel to Bangkok!


You’ll hop back in to your tuk tuk and head on towards to Phahurat Market, in the heart of Bangkok's Little India, where all kinds of fabrics, cloths, ornaments, and accessories are sold along with stalls selling delicious Indian snacks. Here you’ll find a truly unique mix between Thai and Indian culture, and the meeting of these two very distinctive cultures create something very special! Moving on with this maket tour in Bangkok, you’ll head to the Khlong Thom quarter, to a market known as the ‘thieves market’. How will you get there? Well, by tuk tuk of course! This spot is a second-hand market for Thai and Chinese antiques where you’ll find an array of goods for sale, from porcelain to furniture. The nickname came from the stolen goods that used to be sold at the market, but this is no longer the case today, honest!


Time for another tuk tuk ride and this time your destination will be Wat Saket, another temple that lies at the foot of the Golden Mount. Your local guide will take you up the 318 steps (sorry, your tuk tuk can’t help you with that one!) to the 360 degree view of the surrounding old Rattanakosin Island, a view which makes the climb totally worth it. This beautiful scenery will be the last stop on your Bangkok tour, and from here you can either continue to explore some more, or your local guide will be happy to point you in the direction of your accommodation. No doubt they’ll recommend you take a tuk tuk back, just to top off this tuk tuk experience perfectly! 

Departs daily (block out dates apply).

  • Duration: 4-5 hours
  • Meeting point: 8:30am at the lobby of the Viengtai Hotel (42 Rambutri Rd, Banglamphu).
  • Ending point: The Golden Mount